12. In Two Minds

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With such a simple but pleasing original arrangement, it was hard to imagine anything much different. This instrumental has two identically structure halves … the conceipt was to give them two different feels. The melancholic first half. My left-hand fingers being less nimble, I thought I’d be able to separately record each of the required small sections to a click track and create a good composite through editing … but I found it sounded really lacklustre. So I kept practicing until I could play the whole first-half piece through, and played it ‘loose’ (no click track). A couple of small flubs were fixed relatively easily. The lively second half. The guitar is all chunk-a-chunk strumming and was done in a single take. On the original, due to a bad mistake on guitar, a 2-bar section featured bass only … but this sounded great. I’ve re-created this ‘change’ several times using different combos of drum, guitar, bass and piano. The new version: • Adds percussion • Adds violin in both halves • Uses MIDI bass (vs real bass played by the engineer) • Has more ornamentation in the piano part • Has a new definitive ending vs a fade out.


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