(2002 - 2021)

These four albums represent my songwriting, audio production and video editing journey over the 20 years from 2001.

Each album icon links to an index where every track will provide a description, a Spotify 30-sec sample plus a link to the full Spotify version, a free sheet music download, and a music video (except for three tracks in total).

For each album, the ABOUT/LINKS tab in the top menu will provide links to the major digital platforms to stream/buy, as well as free stuff such as the PDF Songbook (for all tracks on that album).


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12-track album by Greg Barnett (2021)

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Greg's reimagining of the 2002 album "Not All It Seems", originally performed together with Mike Levy.

The new version is arranged, performed, recorded, engineered, edited and mastered by Greg in his home studio. Digital distribution only (no CD).

The Redux Songbook is separate to the original and the 2002 album remains on all digital platforms.


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30-track debut solo album by Greg Barnett (2020)

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The approach took inspiration from the Beatles’ “White Album” with 30 tracks of new and previously unreleased material and 'simpler' production. The songs and instrumentals feature acoustic 12-string guitar, gentle vibes, and message-based lyrics. The album was home recorded/produced and is only available online (no CDs).

In addition to the usual freebies, there's also a ‘making of’ story and karaoke versions for vocalists, drummers or guitarists (the track as released but with those core elements removed from the mix).

PRESCIENT - Nothing At All

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12-track album by Martin Hale and Greg Barnett (2015)

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100% our own home production skills including: song writing, musical arrangement, performing, recording, editing, mixing, mastering, global digital distribution, artwork, and video creation/editing. (We removed most of the videos from public viewing due to uncertainty about some image clearances.)

This album is quite different from my others because our influences/experiences were quite different, mine being solitary/folk, Martin's more band/rock. It made for interesting results.

NOT ALL IT SEEMS - Mike and Greg

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12-track album by Mike Levy and Greg Barnett (2002)

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Our own songs, arrangements, performance and production. Recorded, engineered, edited and mastered by a professional studio. Hands-on digital distribution and artwork. A milestone for us both as it was our first experience of songwriting and studio recording.

Apart from 'Cappuccino Crowd' the videos here are just place holders. The 2021 'Redux' version demonstrates how far affordable technology and personal skill advanced over 20 years, and that music without videos is now rare.