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Greg Barnett

Gold Coast, Australia

Greg Barnett was born in the UK in 1951 and is now semi-retired in South-East Queensland (Australia).

Mike Levy and I co-wrote "Not All It Seems" in 2001. We and performed/recorded it in 2002 in a commercial studio in 3 days during a rare short mutual window of opportunity allowed by our families and our otherwise hectic non-music professional lives.

There was a long hiatus before the second cowritten album in 2015, "Prescient", sharing the writing, performance and home production with Martin Hale, a fellow Gold Coaster. After recovering from that effort, I then applied those hard-won skills in 2018-19 to release my own debut album "The Flat White Album" (2020). Once that opus was completed I felt drawn to give 'Not All It Seems' another crack as there would be no time impost for WRITING. While not necessary, it was to be a challenge to see how the originals could be enhanced without stripping them of their charms.

So, 20 years later, here we are. Time (now retired), experience (almost 40 home-produced tracks), ability (guitar/keyboards), and still functional hardware/software, to devote to add some more polish as well as personal touches to that milestone first album.

And, of course, for those who prefer stripped-back music, that first acoustic album remains on all digital platforms as a testament to our raw abilities to play 'live'.

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Greg Barnett
Songwriter | Guitar | Keyboard | Vocals
Mike Levy
Songwriter | Guitar | Vocals
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